Wednesday, March 02, 2005

18 Minutes of Blog

So, I have 18 minutes until I can leave work, and I have nothing to do. Nothing. Of course, you might say, "Heck! I wish I had nothing to do!" However, I must inform you that this is entirely untrue. Since graduating college back in December I have been plagued with boredom, lethargy, and a general sense of malaise. Yes, I have a job, and no, it is not the job of my dreams. Far from it, in fact. My job has nothing whatsoever to do with my college training. Oh, besides the fact that it involves reading and writing.

You see, I work in an emergency room. Not the exciting kind, either. Think Scrubs rather than ER. No, I am not a nurse. Or a doctor. Though, that would be cool if I had any kind of retention for scientific or mathematical information. Alas, I am but one of the thousands of English majors doomed to roam the earth, cold and alone. Not to mention jobless, or at least subject to mundane secretarial duties. This basically describes what I do in the ER. Paperwork. The nurses and doctors care for you, and I make sure you or someone, i.e. your insurance company, pays for it. Thank you, privatized healthcare.

Anyway, I've decided to devote my remaining time, length unknown, in this somewhat entertaining, if unfulfilling job to learning new skills! Yes, new skills. Right. Which ones? I've made a list, you see, including but not limited to the following: Judo, copywriting/editing, HTML and other web-publising thingies, web writing (like with words, not codes), and ninja sword-fighting (do ninjas fight with swords?). Well maybe not that last one, but ninjas are cool! At least, I like that word. So, do you know anyone who needs a technical writer/editor with no professional experience? Please post in comments section.

p.s. this blog-posting spellchecker sucks.

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